A Sip of History

The brewing tradition in Poznań and the Wielkopolska Region encompasses a number of interesting themes, industrial architecture monuments, ingenuity, and hard work of the brewers. Only true beer enthusiasts know the details of this history and for them even the smallest souvenirs from the old breweries are worth their weight in gold. They all contributed to the creation of the “Kronika Browarów Wielkopolskich 1985 – 1995” (Wielkopolska Breweries Chronicle 1895-1995) exhibition, which presents an extensive collection of beer ads and photos of breweries and beer houses from Poznań, as well as unique documents and anecdotes. For Lech Browary Wielkopolski, the heir to the tradition of the Browar Kobylepole and the Hugger Brewery, this history is extremely important also on account of the people who created it.The legacy of the Hugger Brewery, which was brewing beer at Półwiejska Street until 1980, is being continued in the present brewery located at Szwajcarska 11. The same experts who were working there joined our brewery in 1980s and 1990s and contributed to the production the iconic Lech beer in 1982. Nowadays they give tours to the visitors, sharing their passion and knowledge about beer.

Read what the employees of the Poznań brewery have to say about its history.

Andrzej Piotrowski
the main brewer at the time

„The construction and commissioning of the brewery posed a great challenge. It took 5 years to complete the investment. There was a shortage of about anything on the market, from cement to construction steel. I remember that at the early stage the only access to the brewery from the Rataje district led through a muddy field in winter, which changed into romantic fields of rye in summer. That temporary path served us for several years.”

Zdzisław Zając
the chief technologist at the time

„The beginnings of the brewery were fantastic. We faced new production outputs, the issue of water treatment and shortages of power supply. At the commissioning stage, we would spend over a dozen hours at work. At that time, I was the company’s chief technologist so we were working in the front line…”

Paweł Sudoł
President of Kompania Piwowarska SA

„In the early 1990s the brewery was in a good shape and profitable. We were hungry for investments. We built one of the most technologically advanced breweries in Europe. We took on the dreams and expectations of the brewery’s founders.”