Our pub

When the tour is over, take a rest with a glass of Lech Pils or Lech Premium. Our bartenders pour and serve beer according to the established rules. It’s a real pleasure to watch their artistry!

We organize company events and special beer tasting demonstrations. Our pub offers 60 seats and several spots by the bar, which can be reserved from Monday till Saturday between 8 pm and midnight. We strongly recommend our beer tasting demonstrations run by experienced and trained professionals known as cervesarios. Thanks to them, you will learn how to savour and test the golden beverage, as well as find out whether it can taste like bananas or if there are any other non-traditional brewing ingredients. More information please click here.

Cervesario and tasting workshops

Cervesario  is a beer expert and taster, as well as a guide to the world of beer. If you want to savor a full bouquet of golden liquor,  cervesario  will show you how to do it.

Cervesario shows are 7 simple steps

the art of pouring beer
beer facts
art of glass selection
art of tasting
beer styles
production, history, facts
How to recognize the defects in beer
Show time: 2h


for a group of 20 people: 1 500 PLN *
for a group of 40 people: 2 500 PLN *
* to the stated net prices should be added 23% VAT.

There is a possibility of tasting additional beer styles, during the show at 3zł / person.

The basic offer includes a cervesario presentation, 5 beer styles, perfume quizzes, beer pouring lessons, pub reservation at the show and bartending.

For information and reservation, please contact reception.